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Key Figures

This page contains a brief reference guide of important figures in the U.S. occupation.



Jean Vilbrun Guillaume Sam 

  • President of Haiti from March 4 to July 27, 1915
  • Assassinated in a military coup

Rosalvo Bobo

  • Political opponent of Sam
  • Against U.S. imperialism in Haiti
  • Prevented from becoming president by the U.S. installing Dartiguenave

Sudre Dartiguenave

  • President of Haiti, 1915-1922
  • Installed as a puppet leader by U.S. Marines

Louis Borno

  • President of Haiti, 1922-1930

Sténio Vincent

  • Chosen as the President of Haiti in November 1930
  • Called himself the "Second Liberator" for being the leader during U.S. withdrawal

United States

Woodrow Wilson

  • President of the United States, 1914-1921

William Jennings Bryan

  • Secretary of State, 1913-1915

Robert Lansing

  • Secretary of State, 1915-1920

Bainbridge Colby

  • Secretary of State, 1920-1921

Josephus Daniels

  • Secretary of the Navy, 1913-1921

Arthur Bailly-Blanchard

  • American ambassador to Haiti, 1914-1921

Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1913-1920

William B. Caperton

  • Admiral of the U.S. Navy
  • Commanded naval forces that intervened in Haiti

Smedley Butler

  • Commanding officer of the Haitian gendarmerie

John H. Russell

  • High Commissioner of Haiti, 1922-1930, oversaw the Gendarmerie, Marine brigade, and civilian treaty officials