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Finding Aid at the Library of Congress

The finding aid describes the original files of the Wilson administration and how they match up with the microfilm reel scans that have been made public.

Automated Word Recognition Trials

Selected files from the Woodrow Wilson Papers have been fed through optical recognition software to make it possible to search the files more easily. Much of this material has not been edited or improved by staff, but you can refer to the original scan that is part of the item record.

Transkribus Results

Click on a link to download a compressed .pdf file of the microfilm reel that has been run through the htr processing at the Transkribus site.


These same reels have been added to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum fromthepage public transcription site to show the results of their ocr process and offer volunteers the chance to improve on machine transcription.

Microfilm List

Selected microfilm reels from the Woodrow Wilson Papers at the Library of Congress.

Click on a link to download a zip folder containing separate .jpg files for the scanned document pages from the microfilm.

Please note that many of these reels contain over 1,000 images.

Series 4

Series 4 includes the subject files of the Executive Office during the Wilson administration. The list below currently contains a small portion of the microfilm reels from Series 4, which the library has downloaded in recent years for various research projects. Many additional topic folders were included in these reels, but the heading merely lists the topic from the original Library of Congress index that was requested by researchers.

  • Reel194 includes File #64, “Russia 1913-20.”
  • Reel195 continues File #64, “Russia 1913-20.”
  • Reel216 includes File #96, “Negroes 1914-17.”
  • Reel229 includes File #152, “Negroes 1913-20.”
  • Reel230 continues File #152, “Negroes 1913-20; includes File #152A, Segregation-Gov Serv 1913-18.”
  • Reel231 continues File #152A, “Segregation-Gov Serv 1913-1918.”
  • Reel242 includes File #226, “China Government & Embassy 1913-20.”
  • Reel249 includes File #272, “Japan 1913-1921.”
  • Reel250 includes File #272A, “Japanese in California 1913-15.”
  • Reel255 includes File #334, “Nicaragua 1913-18.”
  • Reel274 includes File #471, “Mexico 1913-21.”
  • Reel284 includes File #506, “Nicaragua.”
  • Reel285 includes File #543, “Lynching 1913-19.”
  • Reel286 continues File #543, “Lynching 1913-19.”
  • Reel288 includes File #612, “Haiti 1913-21.”
  • Reel300 includes File #913, “Serbians-Lithuanians-Ukrainians 1916-20.”
  • Reel337 includes File #2554, “Armenia 1915-21.”
  • Reel375 includes File #4892, “Jugo-Slavs 1918-20.”
  • Reel377 includes File #4991, “Korea 1918-20.”
  • Reel380 includes File #5257, “Albania 1920.”

Series 5

Subseries B

Subseries D

Series 6: Peace Conference Documents, 1898-1921

Subseries A: Minutes of Executive Bodies, 1918-1920

Subseries B: British War Cabinet Papers, 1919

Subseries C: Peace Conference Commissions Records, 1919-1920

Subseries D: Austrian Treaty, 1919

Subseries E: German Treaty, 1919-1920

Subseries F: Chinese Delegation, 1898-1919

Subseries G: Maps and Reports

Subseries H: Maps and Reports with Appendices

Subseries I: Maps

Subseries J: ACNP Bulletins, 1918-1921

Subseries K: Executive Departments, Weekly Reports, 1919

Subseries L: War Department, Weekly Reports, 1918-1919

Subseries M: Central Powers Reports, 1917-19

Subseries N: Intelligence Summaries, 1918-1920

Subseries P: Intelligence Reports and Cables, 1918-1921

Subseries Q: Treaty Proofs, 1919